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The Twenty-Third Linky Love

It’s been a few weeks since my last Linky Love – so here are the top posts I’ve read since January 21st.

  1. Shining Up Our Scars by Jon Acuff. Scars remind us of painful times. We need to stop shining them, and accept them. They are proof that we have lived.
  2. The Habits that Crush Us on Zen Habits. We all have bad habits. Procrastination, laziness, junk food…what if we turned our bad habits into good ones? This post suggests alternatives to those bad habits.
  3. We’re All Nervous by Mandy Steward. Mandy seems incredibly confident and sure of herself. So it was comforting for me to know that she too gets nervous. Because really, we are all nervous and vulnerable at some point.
  4. Get Beyond the Hot to the Holy by Caitlin Muir. Have you ever judged a church by how hot the single guys (or girls) are? We know we shouldn’t, but we do anyway. What are we missing out on when we focus on the superficial?
  5. The Real Risk of Embarrassment by Paul Angone. Loved how he summed this up: Which question are you more afraid of? What’s my most embarrassing moment, or what’s my biggest regret.
  6. The Power of Knowing Your Story by Donald Miller. “Life looks differently when you understand it is a story.” When you understand that, you may just live differently.
  7. You are Ok, but It Is Not Ok by Billye Winn on Good Women Project. “How can we be ok, and everything in the world, and in our own hearts, be so powerfully and painfully wrong? The answer is not easy. It comes in the form of one of those platitudes I spoke of earlier, which is in fact not a heavenly brush off, but the key to why we feel so tired, so sick, and so broken.”
  8. With Tingling Fingers and Shaking Voice, I Speak of Healing by Megan Tietz on Deeper Story. Why do we dismiss certain spiritual gifts? We readily accept basic gifts like leadership and hospitality, but we overlook healing and tongues. What if we accepted all gifts as gifts from God?  What if we truly believed in the power of healing?

And in honor of Valentine’s Day, here is a bonus link:

Surviving Church as a Single by Jon Acuff. Check out the Surviving Church as a Single Scorecard. What did you score?

Finally, the video of Kristen Bell ugly crying over a sloth. My favorite YouTube video of the year so far. (Ok, it is only February. But still!)

The Twenty-Second Saturday Linky Love

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend! Here are some of the top links from the past {two} weeks that have crossed my path. Enjoy.

  1. Free Yourself – My First Tattoo by Mandy Steward. I loved how she decided to go ahead and get her first tattoo after years of saying she never would…never say never!
  2. A Sex Worker’s Choice by Laura Lasky on POTSC. Powerful post. When you meet and/or see sex workers, what do you think? Even if you don’t say the words out loud, labels and name calling hurts.
  3. No Shit by Lindsay. If cussing offends you, just pretend like that says crap, ok? Because this post is worth a read. I know so many women, myself included, get fed up when they can NEVER find the right size pants/shirts/dresses. Nothing ever looks right on us in the store – why can’t we look like the celebrities do? Answer: because they have everything tailored to fit their body!
  4. The Thud of Grace by Elora Ramirez on Deeper Story. I love the way she shared the story of Jesus and casting the first stone. I love the idea of the thud of grace.
  5. Somewhere Between Black and White by Mandy Steward on Deeper Story. Are some sins more scandalous than others? Is punishment for sin required, or is grace to be offered unconditionally?
  6. Sadly Single in St. Louis by Caitlin Muir. Does the good guy act work? I think it can, but unless you are actually stepping up and asking girls out, no act will work.
  7. Why the Grass Can Be Greener for Singles by Leigh Kramer. Leigh shares the five privileges of being single. Do you agree?
  8. I’ve Been Using Music to Amplify My Toxic Emotions by Jen Sorenson on Good Woman Project. Yes. This. I so do this. I realized it a few months ago and I’ve made an effort to change it, but what I listen to does affect my emotions and mood. Listening to angry music makes me angry; listening to upbeat music makes me happy. Simple as that.


Single White Feline: It makes me wonder…

The Twenty-First Saturday Linky Love

It’s the first linky love of the new year! Hope 2012 is treating you well thus far. It seems that we are all a little slow getting back to the rhythm of posting regularly, but enjoy the posts I’ve linked below.

  1. The Retard in the Next Booth by Jason Wert for POTSC. “Imagine someone labeling your child a retard.  Worthless.  Less than human. The word’s not funny.  It’s not a “joke.”  It’s a label, and it aims to make people less than they really are. It’s a lie.”
  2. What Happens When You Stop Running by Don Miller. Sometimes you are running to avoid the pain of reality. So what happens when you stop?
  3. Some Do’s and Don’ts for 2012 by Sharideth Smith. It’s a new year, and Sharideth shares some helpful tips, like don’t wear Ed Hardy.
  4. Owning Your Dreams by Mandy Steward. “Here’s to creating risky pointless crap because we must. And here’s to bigger-over-arching dreams that beckon us into foolishness.” Hear, hear!
  5. OneWord365 - head to this site to learn more about the community, and to share your word!
  6. If the Mayans Are Right by Amber Haines for Deeper Story. I’ve been hearing about 2012 and the end of the world for years. Whether you really believe it or not, perhaps it isn’t a bad idea to live like it is your last. (At least to an extent.)
  7. The Friend Who Goes on a Mission Trip and then Tells You that You’ve Got Such a “Western Approach to Faith” by Jon Acuff. Whew, I think that titles speaks for itself, no?
  8. A Box with a Ribbon by Sarah Markley. How often we take for granted the time our friends give us. Time is a gift, and I love that Sarah reminded me of that.
This may or may not be how I feel when I go to parties…

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The Twentieth Saturday Linky Love

Merry Christmas Eve!

Last night I had an epiphany. You see, every year my dad’s side of the family spends Christmas Eve with my grandmother at her house. We’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember, but last night I realized why my grandmother must want us to go to her. So she doesn’t get run over by a reindeer coming home from our house Christmas Eve!

I kid, of course. My grandmother would beat the tar out of any reindeer that came after her :)

In all seriousness though, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. If you are celebrating with your family, remember to give them grace. No matter how many times they ask you about your love life.  And no matter how many little kids try to tackle you to the ground. And if you are away from family this year, remember you are never truly alone.

  1. The Confessional: I Might Be Failing My Daughters by Megan Tietz. I have never met this mama in person, but everything I know about her, she is absolutely not failing her daughters. Her words hurt my heart though. Only recently have I begun to really accept myself for who I am. What is it about growing up that tells us we need to change and be someone else? We need to be more girly, less intimidating, or just different from who we really are. And often it doesn’t matter how much time your mom spends convincing you to just be you. You have to learn it on your own.
  2. One of My Greatest Fears by Lauren Lankford. If you’ve read any of her stuff this year, you know what a crazy faith-filled year she has had. She met a man on Twitter, traveled the country with him, and married him. It is an amazing story, but it is more amazing because it is hers. She reminds us that our own stories can be just as amazing, but not by mimicking hers. Live your own story in 2012 – don’t try to copy anyone.
  3. Frankie… by Bianca Juarez Olthoff. This story broke my heart. A life shouldn’t be summed up in two sentences. Don’t accept answers like “I’ll come back one day”. Follow up with friends and family. Don’t wait to read about their story in a newspaper.
  4. I Have a Voice by Ashley Campbell. When you write a blog, people tend to have opinions on what you write. They want funny, not serious. Or they don’t want to hear about your faith. Ashley reminds us that we shouldn’t let others change our voice. Share what is important to you.
  5. In 2011, I Learned That I Have Too Much Stuff by Whitney Munn on Good Women Project. Do you have too much stuff?Lord knows I do. My poor apartment is overflowing with unnecessary stuff. As this year ends, maybe it is time to really analyze why we hang on to all these material things. Do they really improve our life in anyway?
  6. Make the Most of the Holiday Season by Telling Someone’s Story by Jeff Goins. I loved this. Take a moment and listen to someone’s story. Sometimes all someone needs this season is to have someone care enough about them to just listen. And you never know what you will hear.
  7. Homesick by Jake Dudley. This is such a beautiful post. If you are home this holiday season, but still feeling homesick, perhaps it is because you are longing for a place that doesn’t exist in this world. As C S Lewis said, “If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.”
  8. Every New Christmas by Tamara Lunardo on Deeper Story. One of her Jewish friends confided that she worries that they missed it, that Jesus is the Messiah. I’m not sure this is what her post was supposed to be about, but I worry, as The Blind Side plays on the big screen television in my parents’ living room, that I’m missing it. I sit in this comfortable home, filled with all the food I could possibly eat and clothes that have long been banished to the back of the closet. What if I’m missing it? What if I’m Scrooge and I don’t even realize it? Thankfully, like the Ghost of Christmas Future, Tamara shares the thought: “Why show me this, if I am past all hope?”

On a lighter note: my favorite version of the Christmas Carol is the Muppet version. If you haven’t seen it, you absolutely should!


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