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Multitude on Mondays: Engagement Edition

If you follow me at all on social media, then you know that my boyfriend proposed this weekend! I will share the full story soon, but I want to wait until I have a chance to tell as many family and friends in person (or on the phone) as I can. I love blogging, but it is a bit of a letdown when I try to tell a story and someone has already read it on my blog. (I love that they read the blog, but sometimes you just wanna tell the story in person!!)

If you can’t wait for details, you can read this article that appeared in the Piedmont paper. It’s not a big paper or anything, but I love having that perspective of our engagement.

And while I won’t share the full story today, I will share some photos :)

we're engaged

Happy Monday, y’all!!!!!!

multitudes on monday


341. a gorgeous engagement ring
342. a thoughtful proposal
343. lots of well wishes and congratulations
344. drains that actually drain
345. purple nail polish
346. social media
347. loving family
348. nontraditional churches
349. long distance friends
350. pinterest boards of ideas :)

Losing the Safety Net

When I woke up this morning, I was a full-time freelancer with two part-time jobs.

I spent most of the weekend working on resumes, newsletters, and emails so I could get ahead for the week. I woke up early this morning so I could send out those emails before I went in to my part-time tax gig.

But when I got there, I was told there was no more work for me. Apparently not enough info has come in, and they don’t have anything for me to work on. I said thank you, call me if you need me, and went home. The only thing I was upset about was all the work I had done this weekend when I could have done it today! That, and that I woke up early and got completely ready for no reason.

I chose to look at the silver lining, though. Now I have 20 more hours in my week! Yay!! I can get all my work done during the week and have a real weekend again. Plus I still have the babysitting job, right?

Well, I did until about 2 o’clock today. That was when I found out that I was no longer needed at that job either, due to a new work schedule for the mother. They were super nice about it, and I totally understand that things change. I loved caring for that little guy, and I hope I do get to keep babysitting occasionally for them. He’s a sweetheart :)

But now the work day is drawing to a close and my schedule looks entirely different than it did this morning. Instead of having to get up and go to a job tomorrow, I get to wake up and go to my office in my own home again.

I’m officially a full-time freelancer. No safety net. No side income. I wasn’t planning this, at least not this soon. But I have two solid long-term clients, and each week I have new clients calling to hire me to update their resume or edit their dissertation. I’m making money doing what I love. (Want to hire me? Check out my professional site: J Bryant Creative)

Maybe losing these side jobs is God’s way of telling me to stop trying to cover my bases. To have faith that He will provide. To have faith in myself,  that I can do this.

I chose faith as my One Word for 2013, and maybe this is one way I’m supposed to live it out.

(And another bonus? I might actually have time to write regularly on this blog again!)

                                            Source: indulgy.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

Multitudes on Monday: Bubble Baths and Books

There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day lately, especially on Mondays. I wake up early to send emails and weekly reports before heading off to my new part-time job. (Making more money than you anticipate is great until you realize that means you owe the IRS a lot more than expected. Thankfully, tax work is seasonal and can be found rather easily with my degree!) I work as efficiently as I can at the new job so I can leave by 3 or 4 to make it back home in time to respond to emails, send out a newsletter, and ensure my client’s blog and social media posts went up as scheduled. And on days like today, I rush to finish a resume and cover letter that a client requested…on Friday afternoon.

Busy days like this make me so incredibly thankful for small things. Like a good book and a bubble bath.

bread & wine

multitudes on monday


331. lavender scented bubble baths
332. caramel mocha lattes
333. clients who pay cash
334. advanced reader copies
335. bonfires in february
336. valentines day flowers
337. and valentines day candy
338. small churches
339. winter wheat
330. faraway skylines

Multitudes on Monday: Answered Prayers

It’s been a crazy couple weeks. Lots happening, but one of the biggest distractions lately has been my boyfriend. A week ago this past Friday, we went to Cowboys and he rode in two rounds. The first round went great – he covered and scored 59 points. The second round, however, was won by the bull. My boyfriend took a horn to the face a few seconds in, and his face immediately started swelling. I rushed him to the nearest ER.

Less than an hour after the incident

Less than an hour after the incident

The nurses were AMAZING at the emergency room. Super nice and helpful, much more so than the doctor who came in and started poking on his face with no warning! We (including his mom who we called on the way to the hospital) spent several hours waiting while he underwent a CT scan and was seen by another doctor (a much nicer one). Around four am we were finally sent home with three prescriptions and the number of an orthofacial surgeon.

Three days later, I took him to see the surgeon. His face was already looking better – at least, the swelling around the eye had gone down immensely! The surgeon was wonderful, reassuring us that it looked like there was no serious damage. Unfortunately, their offices had different software from the hospital we went to, so he couldn’t look at the CT scans. So we left with the recommendation of a soft diet and light work, and an appointment to come back in a week.

Three days after the incident

Three days after the incident

As the week went by, the swelling in his face went down quickly and he could open his eye all the way by Wednesday. The colors around his eye changed beautifully :) and his pain decreased as well. He didn’t so much follow the soft diet recommendation, unless you mean choosing soft tacos instead of crunchy ones, but he did take things a little slower than normal.

Today we went back to the surgeon. The color around his eye is almost gone (at least compared to what it was last week) but his eye is super red. The swelling is about 80% gone, and he seems to only experience pain when he really pushes himself too hard (or chews gum!). We were at the doctor for less than twenty minutes – long enough to be told that the surgeon looked at the CT scan and it looks like he should heal completely on his own! It will take time, and he might have a permanent little dent in his cheek (I have one above my left eyebrow, so who cares, right?) but definitely no need for surgery.

Feeling much better a week later

Feeling much better a week later

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who prayed for him the past week. I’m totally amazed at how quickly he has recovered, especially after how awful it looked at first! God definitely answers prayers.

multitudes on monday


321. wonderful er nurses
322. braum’s chocolate shakes
323. flexible work schedules
324. new work opportunities
325. new resume clients
326. pills to ease pain 
327. friends (irl and online) who pray
328. extraordinary church services
329. health insurance
330. answered prayers


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