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The Eighteenth Saturday Linky Love | J Bryant Writes

The Eighteenth Saturday Linky Love

Two weeks to Christmas. Have you finished all your shopping? I sure haven’t!! Perhaps we should get going on that, huh?

  1. It’s Not What You Do That Scares Me, It’s What You Hide by Don Miller. I think the title speaks for itself.
  2. Characters We Hate: The Facebook Status¬† Ok, I cannot vouch for this entire blog, this is the only post I’ve read. But it is hilarious. If you are on Facebook, you will recognize the Gym Rat, the New Parents, and all other other characters in this post. And admit it: you are probably guilty, too!
  3. On Drastic Measures and What-Ifs by Sarah Markley. What would it look like if you only said yes or no for the approval of God?
  4. Trade as One by Shauna Niequist. I’m loving the way people are learning to give gifts that give back. Learn more about Trade as One.
  5. singles, dating, and church by Bianca Juarez. Online dating, Christian comedy, and singleness. All wrapped up in one neat little package.
  6. Dream Backward to Move Forward by Jon Acuff. Maybe you are so overwhelmed trying to pick a future because you are looking the wrong way. Don’t ask what you should be doing someday – ask what you loved back in the day.
  7. Of Santa and Jesus on Deeper Story. Are Santa and Jesus mutually exclusive?
  8. Investment Manager’s Embarrassing Email Goes Viral on Huffington Post. Have you ever written an embarrassing email or text, or left an¬†embarrassing¬†voicemail? Just be thankful it only was received by the intended recipient, not by the entire country. Read this poor, if clearly desperate, guy’s email to a woman after their first date.
Ok, there has been a lot of publicity about this show. I think it is sad and so very typical that TLC finds the most ridiculous version of people saving their virginity for marriage and makes a show about it…but here it is.

One Response to “The Eighteenth Saturday Linky Love”

  1. HopefulLeigh December 10, 2011 at 2:41 pm #

    That show makes me cringe! I know they’re not going to find normal people- because there wouldn’t be enough “drama” to make it interesting, at least by their standards. But seriously, they have to find the craziest, weirdest people to make the rest of us look bad? Ridiculous.