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The Second Saturday Linky Love | J Bryant Writes

The Second Saturday Linky Love

So many posts, so little time. My Google Reader is filled to the brim with bloggy goodness. These are my favorite posts of the week – with a few extra links thrown in:

  1. The Double-Standard of My Heart by Alece on Deeper Story. Alece is the wonderful woman who encouraged me to participate in the One Word 2011 movement. Her story is heart breaking and inspiring, full of God’s love and life’s uncertainties. Here she reminds us to genuinely pray for forgiveness of those who have hurt us – because we have been forgiven ourselves.
  2. 7 Steps to Getting Unstuck and Becoming More Productive by Michael Hyatt. I’ve been reading his blog for almost two years now. This post is exactly what the title describes – 7 ways to become more productive. As I have been surprisingly unproductive in my free time, this post has been a help this week.
  3. In Which I Am Part of the Insurgency by Sarah Bessey. Oh, how this post spoke to me. She suggests there is a war on women. And I am afraid to admit: I agree. We don’t want to see it. We don’t want to believe it. But the child bride in Iran lives it. The sex slave in Thailand bears it. The thirteen year old saving her allowance for breast implants is a victim of it. It’s time we wake and do something, even if that something is simply acknowledging this war exists.
  4. Truth Still Wrecks by Max Dubinsky. Truth, Scripture, and general awesomeness.
  5. How To Reject (And Not Reject) A Man by Preston Yancy (guest posting for Ally Spotts.) Ouch. I have always sucked at this, trying to come up with excuses or just flat out ignoring the entire situation. Preston suggests that perhaps just using our words and telling the truth is the way to go. Huh. What a thought!
  6. 90′s Nickelodeon Nostalgia Returning to Your Television Next Monday by Whitney Jefferson. This I am so excited about! The 90′s are back with host Stick Stickley. Clarissa Explains It All and Salute Your Shorts are a few of the shows returning to Nick! I’m glad I’m still living with my parents for the next few weeks so I can enjoy my childhood favorites for a while.
  7. The Very Best Way to Get Rejected Every Time by Jeff Goins. Want to know what it is? Saying “no” for other people. You reject yourself before they ever get the chance. See what he suggests you do instead.
  8. Show Me Who I Am by Christina Gibson. I am an introvert, albeit a fairly extroverted one. While I enjoy the company of friends, I need time alone to stay sane. I can and have spent days by myself, with little to no contact with the outside world. But this post reminds me that being alone isn’t always the best choice. We crave fellowship with other believers. We need it to grow.
  9. My Then. My Now  by Tammy Hodge. This is a woman I hope to meet someday. Her words emanate warmth and hope. Here she shares a bit of her story – follow the links in the post to read the rest. You won’t regret it.

Bonus Links!

Lauren Lankford’s Shop  Ok, this isn’t actually a post. It’s a link to Lauren Lankford’s print shop. I bought one from her, and a few from her boyfriend Max Dubinsky. (You can check out his shop here.) The money from the prints goes to keep them fed and their gas tank full – plus they are gorgeous images. Do yourself a favor and stop by.

Pinterest I’m obsessed with this site. There are so many beautiful things on here. It’s a place to pin your favorite images from around the internet. I believe you still need an invite to join, so leave a comment and I can send you one!

3 Responses to “The Second Saturday Linky Love”

  1. Felipe Neumann July 18, 2011 at 3:17 pm #

    Hahaha I’m just about to leave my place and head to the movies to watch Harry Potter.
    I feel funny being a 23 years old male who’s addicted to this kind of movies, but I guess that “hey, it’s okay…”!
    I’ll stay tuned to your blog. :) Have a nice week!

  2. Felipe Neumann July 19, 2011 at 1:38 pm #

    Ha! You should add to your “hey! it’s okay…” list – being a man who cried after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.