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The Twenty-Third Linky Love | J Bryant Writes

The Twenty-Third Linky Love

It’s been a few weeks since my last Linky Love – so here are the top posts I’ve read since January 21st.

  1. Shining Up Our Scars by Jon Acuff. Scars remind us of painful times. We need to stop shining them, and accept them. They are proof that we have lived.
  2. The Habits that Crush Us on Zen Habits. We all have bad habits. Procrastination, laziness, junk food…what if we turned our bad habits into good ones? This post suggests alternatives to those bad habits.
  3. We’re All Nervous by Mandy Steward. Mandy seems incredibly confident and sure of herself. So it was comforting for me to know that she too gets nervous. Because really, we are all nervous and vulnerable at some point.
  4. Get Beyond the Hot to the Holy by Caitlin Muir. Have you ever judged a church by how hot the single guys (or girls) are? We know we shouldn’t, but we do anyway. What are we missing out on when we focus on the superficial?
  5. The Real Risk of Embarrassment by Paul Angone. Loved how he summed this up: Which question are you more afraid of? What’s my most embarrassing moment, or what’s my biggest regret.
  6. The Power of Knowing Your Story by Donald Miller. “Life looks differently when you understand it is a story.” When you understand that, you may just live differently.
  7. You are Ok, but It Is Not Ok by Billye Winn on Good Women Project. “How can we be ok, and everything in the world, and in our own hearts, be so powerfully and painfully wrong? The answer is not easy. It comes in the form of one of those platitudes I spoke of earlier, which is in fact not a heavenly brush off, but the key to why we feel so tired, so sick, and so broken.”
  8. With Tingling Fingers and Shaking Voice, I Speak of Healing by Megan Tietz on Deeper Story. Why do we dismiss certain spiritual gifts? We readily accept basic gifts like leadership and hospitality, but we overlook healing and tongues. What if we accepted all gifts as gifts from God?  What if we truly believed in the power of healing?

And in honor of Valentine’s Day, here is a bonus link:

Surviving Church as a Single by Jon Acuff. Check out the Surviving Church as a Single Scorecard. What did you score?

Finally, the video of Kristen Bell ugly crying over a sloth. My favorite YouTube video of the year so far. (Ok, it is only February. But still!)

2 Responses to “The Twenty-Third Linky Love”

  1. Megan at SortaCrunchy February 13, 2012 at 6:53 am #

    Aw! Thanks so much for including my piece on healing in this, Jennifer. Such an honor.